KC registered Part Trained Drakeshead or beautiful - NOW SOLD

This is Ted, a 20 month old, KC registered well bred Drakeshead dog. He is a part trained gun dog and also a much loved member of our family. He had the best start in life with 6 weeks with a top trainer in the Cotswold’s, where it was reported he is a highly intelligent dog, very biddable and could field trial. He has been out twice a week during the just finished shooting season learning the ropes on 3 different local shoots. He has no kinks, nothing fazes him. As a member of our family he is a total legend. He’s been on holiday with us; fantastic on beach walks loves the sea and comes out on rides off the lead when I ride my horse. He also loves the pub or being dragged around pub garden by the kids. He is not randy at all and very sociable and not a barker, hence why we have kept him entire as he is so well bred and very handsome. Ted really is the finished article as a family pet without having to go though the pain of house training and chewing he is easy and super friendly and will slot in easily into a new family. Or if somebody wishes to continue his training you will have a very smart gun dog, or a dog who loves fireworks! He loves his work so ideally we would like a working home. As you can see he is a lovely dog and we are very sad to sell him. It is a genuine change in circumstances that prompts the sale. My daughter is heartbroken so viewings will have to be during school hours and not next week, which is half term, as I do not want her upset anymore than she is already. Home is paramount to us for Ted so we are very happy to have him back in the unlikely circumstance he does not settle. He has stayed at various friends and relatives houses whilst we have been away and been kenneled and is happy with all, life is a big adventure for Ted. due to young baby please text or email me and I will call you back. No time wasters.
Price £3000.00 (none)
Sale Type Private Sale
Location Hungerford - Berkshire
Breed Labradors