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Some tips to advertise your working dogs with GunDogsDirect

1. Images - There is a good old saying “A picture paint's a thousand words” and no more so it’s true when it comes to your photos of your dogs. Photos of your dogs in their natural environment running around the garden are key, show casing their makings or their colours and the stamp of the dog(s) play a massive part. So make sure your images are clear and action packed. Add a short video of the dogs in action to show how busy they are along with the environment they are brought up in. Make sure you update your advert weekly it shows you are serious about finding the correct homes for your working dogs.
2. Breeding & Training - Show case the parents breeding and their temperaments any awards they have won? How many FTCH, OFTW, FTW, FTAW in the pedigrees. pictures of the bitch and the sire pedigree so that the buyer can research the family tree of both dogs. Are they friendly, energetic or clam. Include some of the characteristics of both parents, were they easy to train? What are they like in cover? Personalities and traits? Just to name a few. Breeding license number? What qualification do you have as breeder? What experience do you have as a breeder?
3. Health Checks - What health check have the parents had? Hip & Elbow tests, Eyes, EIC, PRA, CNM, Vaccinations and deworming, Declaw, Docking. What checks have the pups had from the vets and when?
4. Price and Terms- Clearly state the price and any additional terms of conditions, transportation, do you allow viewings? Registration fees. Kennel club? Insurance?
5. Contact details- Provide phone number and a email address with the nearest town to your location to give customers an idea of where you are in the world.
You need to stand out from the crowd so the more details you add the better your chance you are getting an enquiry. If you write a short 2 lines verse about your dogs it shows people you don’t care, so why would they pick your working dogs? Don’t pay lip service to your images and descriptions and then wonder why you haven’t had any enquires. Be transparent, honest and accurate with your descriptions and you will get the correct buyers.


Simply search or browse for what you are looking for.  Check the details of any Advert  by clicking the “Summary Tile”.If you wish to make contact, simply click the “Enquire Now” button.  This will display the telephone number at the top of the window if supplied and a simple Email form for you to get in direct contact with the seller.No middle man, no fees, no catches, just simple, direct contact with the seller. 

  • Make sure you see the gun dog in person.
  • Make sure you don’t pay any deposits before you see the gun dog in person.
  • Make sure you see the Dam and the Sire of the puppies 
  • Make sure you have checked all the paper is correct and checked the KC number and their dates of birth and dont pay and leave with the dog without all the paperwork in your possession.
  • If something seems not right you can walk away, but make sure you ask lots of questions. Some examples could be: Did you breed the dog(s) yourself? Can I see where they was breed? Can I see the Dam? How old is the mother and how many litters has she had? Was the birth natural or C section? Can I see the farther? Does the dog in question have any health issues? Can you see the registration of the Dam and Sire? Will they be vaccinated and wormed before I purchase?
  • Always be vigilant and seek advice if you are unsure and ask for advice from a third party
  • Only when you are absolutely sure about the dog and the breeder do we advice you go ahead with your purchase 
  • Buying a gun dog is YOUR responsibility so make sure you have done your home work about the breed of dog and the breeder who is selling. Dont rush the process!
  • The breeder should give you the opportunity to see and handle all of the puppies in the litter, rather than the one you are buying
  • The puppies should appear happy, heathly and inquisitive
  • The breeder should not be selling puppies that are unwell or shows signs of illness like runny eyes or nose, weakness or diarrhoea 
  • The breeder should only sell you the pup once they are 8 week old.
  • Make sure you see the puppies enviroment. Is the whelping pen clean? Do the dogs have clean water and food? All this helps you formulate your decision when purchasing the gun dogs in question.
  • Make sure you write up a contract to safe guard you and the breeder should your situations change 

Lots of information can be found on our Blog page here